Yearning and Learning

Oct. 14
Week 4 Day 5 When God Speaks.

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals
His secret to His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7

"When God determines to do something, He tells His
people. When God wants to do something in your
family, at your workplace, with your neighbor, or in
your child's school, He will alert you so that you can
become involved in His work." Blackaby

This is such a powerful lesson on page 62 of this book;
wish I had time to type all of it for you. Blackaby states,
"Your spiritual concentration is essential if you are to
recognize all that God is doing around you. If you are
not careful you can leave your place of prayer and
never make the connection between your prayers
and the events of your day."

We cry out with financial need, yet bypass the offer
when overtime hours are offered. We tell the Lord we
want to share his love with others, but neglect the
neighbor standing in her yard, the mom in carpool
line or the fan sitting in the stands with us.

Our yearnings often take us to our knees. It is in that
position of desperate desire, where we are most likely
to be lead by the Lord to learn some of life's most
lucrative lessons. In so doing, we experience a
precious presence we want to return to time and
time again.

Let's Pray: Father, You are All Sufficient for us.
May our yearnings and hearts' desires be in
accordance with Your ways. May our meditations
on Your Word, mold and make us pleasing in Your
sight to the point our prayers naturally begin to
reflect Your designed purpose for us. Ah, to be
one with the Father, one with the Son, one controlled
by the Spirit until all our days on earth are done.
In Jesus' Name, all God's people said..."Amen"