Oh my Goodness!

Oct 10
Oh My Goodness Week 4 Day 2/3 When God Speaks

How often have you prayed and gone merrily on
your way. Time passes, your prayer is answered
and you find yourself saying, "Oh my goodness, that
is exactly what I prayed for!" Been there, done that!
Do you remember in Acts when the church was
praying for Peter to be released from prison...he was
knocking at their door, while they kept praying and
when they opened the door the Bible says they
were astonished. Several years ago I came up
with the saying that I was going to pray with
positive expectancy.
Blackaby says in this lesson that when we are
surprised by answers to pray that can show a
lack of belief on our part. Here are some other
powerful thoughts:
When we pray God teaches us things we did
not know.
Sometimes we are so delighted with what we
receive that we fail to recognize that God has
communicated with us.
When God says no to our prayer requests, it
is because He has something better for us.

Look up these powerful verses on prayer and
be encouraged!
Jer. 33:3, Matt. 21:22, Luke 11:9-13,
John 15:7, John 16:23, 1 John 3:22

Let's Pray: Father, how foolish we are
when we busy ourselves and stay away, instead
of taking the time to humble ourselves before
You and pray! There is nothing You do not know,
but talking to You is a way for us our love to show!
Here we are, praise You Lord, you are never far!
In Jesus Name, Amen