Spinning Tea Cups

October 3 Week Two Day 5

Have you ever felt like you are on the spinning tea cup
ride at the fair, screaming...."Let me off before I throw
up?" That is the way my afternoon went. The exterminator,
who happens to love Jesus, met me at home to investigate
the ant problem. He knows a lot about ants and now I do too!
I spent two, one hour sessions at CVS trying to make a picture
CD of 120 photos of a school field trip. Each time I cropped,
enhanced and highlighted to have either a faulty CD or the
machine fail. I left there the second time frustrated and had
to head to the grocery store where I selected the WRONG line
and had to load everything up (including a 24 pound bag of dog
food) and move to another checkout aisle. Arriving home, I
entered the door to the sounds of Bill O'Reilly and Barney Frank
battling it out on TV. Now the VP debate has begun and I've
decided the best scenario for me is to go off and pray. I am
politiced out! Oh my, to top the day off Moses has just passed
the nastiest gas I've ever smelled. I don't need a spinning tea
cup ride to throw up!

Opening the Blackaby, When God Speaks, study my eyes fell
upon the words... Grieving the Holy Spirit. Me oh my, our
nation has to be grieving the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Our
government is on a wild ride and I wish everyone would get
off and start over!

I grieved the Holy Spirit by how I allowed myself to be frustrated.
Check this out:
If you consider your sin to be nothing more than breaking a rule,
you may justify yourself by saying, "no one's perfect." If you view
your sin as the failure to live by certain principles, you may take
comfort in knowing that you can strive harder in the future. But,
realizing that sin is an absolute betrayal of the Person who loves
you deeply and sacrificially throws a whole new light on your sin.

Read those powerful words again, meditate on them.
Let's Pray: Oh Great God, be real to us today and be really, really
forgiving of us when we resist, grieve, or quench Your Spirit. Turn us
around faster than any spinning tea cup, so that we may be tuned
into the Spirit again. In Jesus Name, we come asking once more, Amen.