Very, Very Old and Patient

New Year's Eve by the Fire Pit
January 5
Narrowing in on the four month post stroke mark, I keep wanting things to be back to normal.
We had four fun days with one of our sons and his family, but at the end of day four my head was splitting.  Same ole, same ole. I do well, pacing myself, then think I'm good to go and push past my limit and pay for it.  Oh well, it was worth it!

Studying Genesis is worth it too!  Yesterday, I was in chapters 6-7 and wrote in my notebook...
"Okay, God, I'm listening. First of all, You did this amazing ark construction with a 600 year old man.  At 58 I'm already feeling like I've lived a full life and need to just ride out the remainder of my days enjoying my grandchildren. NOT.  Today one of my best friends started a new 9-5 job!  Another friend had to go back to work full time at 57.  I need to live expectantly and look for what it is You want me to do.  Living in a retirement community messes with that mindset. Forgive me Father. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I need to stay ready for action."

Noah was 600 years old when the flood came and water covered the earth.
Genesis 7:6

The other news alert for me was Noah's patience.  How long did it take to gather all the supplies to build the ark?  He didn't drive to Lowe's to pick up his boards and nails.  The 40 days of rain  has always been a focus when I think of the ark adventure, but digging into the nitty gritty with some math skills I realized it was more like 374 days on the ark!

Oh, me of little faith. Give me an assignment Lord and find me steadfast to the finish.